Create a grid just perfect

You are a UI designer for apps or the web,

you use the grid system but you face the vast amount of display sizes…

It’s a nightmare to find the right grid…

Until you start using Grid System app…


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Define all the grids specific to your layout or model…

Grid System, is an iPhone app to define a grid for any layout width.
Enter your project name and your model width…
Set the number of columns you want in a row and decide if you want to use margins or not…
As a result you get various solutions where columns and rulers width match.
Select a solution to display guides coordinates.
You can color tag solutions.
You can enter a Treshold value for an extra margin and if your software’s rulers have fixed zeros.
You can store any number of projects and tag them with a color…
  • Unlimited projects

    add as many projects as you want, and use the project list to display any of them

  • List of solutions per project

    Grid System app would find all the possible solutions with your parameters

  • List of guides per solution

    Grid System app will define all the guides and position for any given solution

  • Your number of columns

    enter the number of columns you really need

  • Optional margins

    margins are optional, choose to define a grid with our without them

  • Color tags

    mark a specific project or your favorite solution with the color you want

project list view

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